The SimScreen was developed to assist instructors with their simulation lab instruction. Many schools and hospitals institute human patient simulation but do not have a separation from the student. Studies have shown that along with equipment and psychological fidelity, simulation requires environmental fidelity, that is, the realism of the environment in which the simulation takes place. The SimScreen provides a solution to this problem. 
Joseph Burns

Custom Size units can be built based within specific parameters.  All special order panels will be quoted for a cost.
Delivery cost will be estimated during order completion 
A Quote can be submitted and payment may be made through issuance of a Purchase Order or Visa. 
The pictures on the left are the view of the front of the SimScreen and the view from the instructors side.
SimScreen ™                     
An Innovative Solution for Nursing and Health Professions Simulation Lab Instruction


Standard Simulation Panel (SS1)

Desk Corner Panel (RC1 or LC1)

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