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SimScreen ™                     
An Innovative Solution for Nursing and Health Professions Simulation Lab Instruction


The Simulation Screen is a very well built and durable product that requires no maintenance or assembly.  Upon delivery it is ready to be used in your simulation lab.  Appleton Inc has a full 90 day warranty.  

The SimScreen is individually crated and shipped LTL. The fully crated SimScreen is approximately 200 lbs (Class 70).

Appleton Inc. is not responsible for any defects or damage caused by improper usage, cleaning, handling and storage. Our liability under this warranty shall be in any case be limited to the invoice value of the product sold and in no event shall Vendor be liable for any special or consequential damages. We make no warranty as to the merchant-ability of any goods, or that are fit for any particular purpose or end application, nor do we make any warranty, either expressed or implied, other than stated above.

Purchaser understands that it uses products at its own risk and as a condition precedent to purchasing from Appleton Inc. agrees to fully and completely release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Appleton Inc. from any and all claims arising from the use of the SimScreen and/or any attachments or accessories.   No returns are accepted upon completed and signed delivery.

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